That's me yo.

Hey, what's up? I am Keywan, but I go by Kevin. Born and raised in Germany, I came to the US as an exchange student and eventually decided to pursue my dream of living and working in Los Angeles. Before that, I attended The College of William & Mary, where I majored in Computer Science and Mathematics, and was fortunate enough to take in a plethora of great liberal arts classes. After undergrad, I went on to attend the University of Southern California to receive a Master's degree in Computer Science, specializing in networks. After having spent a few years in the IT sector, I dabbled a bit in the startup scene, working on a couple of projects. Currently, I am the CIO for a medical tech and services company, where I get to do plenty of mobile and web developing amongst other tasks.

My interests include soccer, hiking, camping, photography, building digital (but I wish also other) things, and of course tech startups.